"FunTESTic Fanatic" is the webalias of Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft.

I'm a project lead Verification & Validation of the newly developed iCAS airtraffic control system at the Dutch Air Traffic Control. But foremost; I'm a test enthusiast, evangelist or, if you prefer, fanatic or pragmatic, hence the alias. I'm also owner of a webshop that sells materials for casualty simulation, in which field I'm also a certified trainer.

My special interests in the field of testing are Software Testing- & Information Ethics (I started a/ the discussion on 'Testing and Ethics'), TestArchitecture, Standardization, Testing processes, End-2-End Testing and a bit Datawarehouse Testing and Agile'testing'.

Next to software testing I'm a (certified) herbalist, relaxation- and massage therapist, my practice is called 'Papillionem'. I'm also an advocate of the FlyLady method, translating the content of 'the Lady herself' to dutch (yes... I've permission to do that!). Last but not least... I have a huge passion for Surinam...(yes... I speak Sranantongo, follow the teachings of Winti (Anyame) and cook a mean 'SrananKukru' meal...)